Church History 教会史

荣光灵粮堂位於三藩市日落区, 有感於北湾传福音使命的迫切,经过长期祷告後, 正式成为矽谷生命河灵粮堂大家庭中的一份子,由黄瑞坤主任牧师夫妇带领,以建立荣耀神的教会为异象,敬拜讚美、圣灵更新、小组教会、全地轉化 为四大主要策略, 使福音传的更远,又向前迈进一大步。 黄瑞坤主任牧师是由台湾来美国的留学生,矽谷软体工程师,1983年经历圣灵更新与医治,使他更热心追求,黄瑞坤牧师夫妇与生命河灵粮堂刘彤牧师夫妇配搭事奉十馀年,从小组长做到区长、并被按立为区牧,更由一个大牧区,倍增为两个牧区。同时,黄瑞坤牧师已完成生命河灵粮堂国际工人训练学校和丰收神学院的装备,在马太福音9:36

“他看见许多的人,就怜悯他们,因为他们困苦流离,如同羊没有牧人一般”— 马太福音9:36

神怜悯的心肠,成为他们夫妇放下一切为主摆上的原动力。 荣光灵粮堂聚会时间:主日崇拜 12:45 PM 国语和英语, 另有儿童主日学;星期三8PM有祷告会, 11 AM主日学、週五小组查经聚会、诗班等等。 电话415-518-3841. 欢迎旧雨新知,踊跃参加聚會和 Facebook,在大家庭的温馨中享受、成长。

Glorious Light Christian Church (GLCC) is located in the San Francisco Sunset Area. Due to the urgent gospel needs in North Bay Area, it became a family member of River of Life Christian Church after a long period of Prayer. GLCC is led by Rev. Charlie and Rev. May Huang with the vision of building a glorious church for God and the strategies of Praise & Worship, Holy Spirit Renewal, Cell Church & Glocal (Global & Local) Transformation. Rev. Charlie Huang was an international student at the University of Alabama and a software engineer in Silicon Valley. In 1983, he experienced the Holy Spirit Renewal and healings to make him pursue God seriously. He and his wife worked with Rev. Tong Liu at River of Life Christian Church for 10+ years from cell group leader to district leader and district Pastor. He graduated from Harvest Seminary in San Jose. God called Rev. Huang out when he saw the crowds with needs and troubles like Matthew 9:36

“When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd”— Matthew 9:36

With God’s merciful heart, He gave up his engineer job to work for the Lord full-time and full-hearted. GLCC Meeting time is Sunday Service 12:45 PM (Mandarin & English) with children Sunday School, Wednesday 8PM Prayer Meeting, 11AM Adult Sunday School, bible study cell groups & worship team practice. Telephone number: 415-518-3841. Welcome everyone to attend our Sunday Service, Prayer Meeting and cell group bible studay. Check out our Facebook too! Enjoy and Grow spiritually in the GLCC big family.